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Roof Cleaning

​Do you drive home from work every day and see black streaks or green algae growing on your roof? Do you want to extend the life of your roof without having to spend thousands of dollars replacing it? We can help with our roof cleaning services. We are able to clean your roof using a low pressure application (80psi) garden hose pressure system. Our roof cleanings kill bacteria while staying eco-friendly.

Roofs We Clean 

Pressure Worx offers comprehensive roof cleaning and pressure washing services that can help restore your home or business to its original beauty. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing quality service and incredible results. All of our roof cleanings are NRCA approved and will not void any roof warranties. Our roof cleanings come with a 1 year clean guarantee!

Metal Roof Cleaning


Our power washing services can clean any metal roof and leave it looking like new. We use a special cleaning solution to safely remove dirt, debris and mildew to bring back the roof's original shine and protect it from future damage. 

Roof Cleaning


Washing shingle roofs is an effective way to remove dirt and debris, as well as to restore the look of your roof. Our technique is gentle and does not damage the shingles, but powerful enough to leave them looking like new. With our service, you can be sure that your roof will look its best.

Roof Cleaning


Our power washing services can safely and effectively clean slate roofs with low pressure and our professional chemical based solution. This gentle process will not damage your roof and will leave it looking as good as new. We take the utmost care to ensure your roof is thoroughly cleaned without any damage.



Step 1

We clean your roof of debris (leaves, sticks, etc.) and apply our chemical solution to your roof. It will work as a bonding agent, attaching to the algae and mold build-up. 

Step 2

We let the chemical solution dwell for days to weeks, depending on the severity of algae growth. The chemical will start to turn the algae and mold white, letting us know the algae is dying.  

Step 3

The chemical and dead algae will get washed off during the next rain. If we do not get the rain accumulation we need, we will come back to your house after one month and rinse off your roof.  






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